“My experience with Nesiya was an incredible journey. A ‘journey’ means that it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies but the exposure I had to people from all different backgrounds opening their heart to me has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”
Stephanie Waldstein -- Rydal, PA
“It was magical. Nesiya prompted me to experience Israel in a holistic, artistic, and mindful way. I was encouraged to examine deeply the tensions within Israel, within the Nesiya community, and within myself; and it resulted in an experience rich with meaning. Nesiya is unique in that it does so much: incorporates personal growth, artistic expression, formation of a living community, intense learning and intense physical activity into an unparalleled experience.
Elie Levine -- New York, NY
“My experience was very challenging at times, however, it was amazing to meet such different people. When I come home from Nesiya I’ll say it was an amazing, meaningful and important experience. I changed in that I was able to start having conversations, not arguments.”
Jacob Henoch -- Jerusalem, Israel

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