The safety and health of our participants is Nesiya’s highest priority. Since the first Nesiya program in 1985, Nesiya Israel programs have always been conducted according to the highest standards of educational quality and safety. This tradition is continued by Nesiya’s association with Keshet, which is also committed to the highest standards of safety and security.

Today, the The Keshet and Nesiya staff are confident that it is extremely safe for young people to travel to Israel on a well planned, highly structured, and carefully supervised program. To this end, every group and all senior staff are provided with cell phones, logistical and emergency support from a team of logistics coordinators, and a “safety-first” policy regarding all program plans and on-site decisions.

Each participant is provided with comprehensive health insurance and medical support – providing easy access to private, English-speaking doctors. Nesiya counselor-educators and senior staff are responsible for clearly communicating the security and health rules of the program, prohibiting the use of alcohol and drugs, sexual intimacy, and any other behavior viewed as destructive to oneself, the group, or the program. Participants are responsible for adhering to these rules.

Nesiya programs, conducted by Keshet, adhere to the strict security standards and travel approval system governed by the Israeli authorities. Nesiya groups do not at any time travel to areas considered a security risk. Every outdoor activity and travel program is submitted for review to the 24 hour “situation room” run by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) of which Nesiya is a member. This situation room is staffed by representatives from the Israeli army, the police, and the Department of Education working together to monitor any factors that may affect the health and safety of groups traveling in the country. Nesiya is also in constant contact with the Jewish Agency, which communicates any change in security arrangements directly and immediately to the Nesiya staff in Jerusalem.

Thank you for an experience of a lifetime and for the unbelievable communication all summer long. Everything and everyone made it a summer that has impacted and will continue to impact Michael forever. I could write forever and not express what happened.

Elayne Baskin
Mother of Michael Baskin
Boston, MA

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