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Nesiya inspires young people from diverse backgrounds to enrich Jewish life for themselves and others. Nesiya programs bring North American and Israeli youth face to face with the richness and complexity of Jewish life – and with each other – through a unique model of experiential learning that combines community building, creative study, the arts, outdoor adventure, and community service. Every Nesiya program builds relationships and explores differences among diverse Jews in order to develop Jewish leaders and invigorate Jewish life.

Training and Preparing for Summer 2016!

We spent the last two weekends on staff training seminars gearing up for this summer - first in the Negev and then in the Golan. We are so excited to meet all of our excellent participants in just a few short weeks!  What do you wish you could relive about your summer on Nesiya?

Mazal tov to Nesiya alumna and parent, Ilana Ruskay-Kidd!

It is with deep pride and admiration that we congratulate Nesiya family member Ilana Ruskay-Kidd on receiving the 2016 Covenant Award. As the founder and head of The Shefa School, a pluralistic Jewish day school in New York for children with special needs, Ilana has deepened her enhancement of and impact on Jewish education and the greater Jewish community. This [...]

Let’s get together and feel alright… #JewishUnityDay2016

Today is GLOBAL JEWISH UNITY DAY. A day when Jews from all around the world will join together to celebrate diversity, tolerance, and ahavat yisrael. In the words of Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks, practice (or non-practice) of Judaism is that "which binds us together as a family." We at Nesiya value unity, respect, sharing and [...]

Reflections on Memorial Day 2016

This memorial day, we are thinking about the role of American Jews in the American armed forces. As Debra Nussbaum Cohen points out in her 2009 article in The Forward, individual cases of Jews serving in the army highlight how few Jews serve in the American military - even relative to the small number of [...]

Thoughts from our Director on Lag B’Omer

L'ag B'omer elicits many different reactions from many different people. Here in Israel, it is the national day of children gathering around bonfires late into the night, or of incredible traffic in the entire North of Israel as thousands flock to Mt. Meron. For many others, it is a blip in the calendar that has [...]

SAVE THE DATE: Nesiya Alumni Picnic 2016!

Dear alumni, We invite you to join us at our 2nd Annual Nesiya Alumni picnic in Jerusalem! When: Friday, July 22 Where: Jerusalem (exact location TBA) Why: To reconnect, make new friends in the Jewish arts community, and enjoy the outdoors with other Nesiya folk! If you are planning on being in Israel this summer, [...]

New Website!

Hey Friends, Nesiya has just launched our brand new, state-of-the-art website! Be sure to check out some of our new pages, including: Alumni Artists, Photo Galleries, and more... Thank you for all the help, David!