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“I learned to confront people and problems. I was given the opportunity to challenge ideas and customs I grew up with and to ask myself and others questions. I hope to continue my curiosity and honesty with myself and others. I hope to keep up with Israeli politics from both Israeli and American news sources.”
Rosie Rudavsky (Nesiya 2014), New York, NY
“Nesiya has given me a model which I hope to be able to carry on and give to other people.”
Rachel Hutt (Nesiya 2000), Shaker Heights, OH
“This was my first time in Israel, and I did not want it to be short or ‘touristy’. I wanted to feel it, to see it, to touch it, to smell it. I wanted to know, to know, the people of Israel, to know more about myself and who I want to be.”
Jennifer Salant (Nesiya 2004), Scarsdale, NY
“I loved exploring other communities while building our own community.”
Chana Schaffer (Nesiya 2005), Albany, NY
“Walking through Jerusalem and Tel Aviv was a great experience – there’s so much culture and history. It made me think: if I lived in Israel, where would I live and where would I fit in?”
Michael Rubin (Nesiya 2005), Syosset, NY

Nesiya Alumni Picnic, Jerusalem 2016

Nesiya Alumni Picnic, Jerusalem 2015

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