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The study of Jewish texts – both traditional and contemporary – is a central component in all Nesiya programs. Through creative study, participants explore the relevance of modern and traditional texts through dialogue, chevruta and small group study, storytelling, theater improv, and other creative activities. Rather than offering “right” answers, approaches, or conclusions, Nesiya encourages participants to keep their minds open to new possibilities, interpretations, and meanings for their own lives.

In 2004, Nesiya began sending out holiday-related study guides to alumni and friends, in order to expand and invigorate our community of learning. We invite you to share in our learning community through the following study guides:


Pesach Study Sheet 2016 – The Secret of Fifteen and Seder Night

Pesach 2015 – The Importance of Small Things in Space and Time

Pesach 2014 – What’s Your Story?

Pesach 2012 – Entering the Land: Limitedness and Gratitude

Pesach 2010 – Gilad Shalit: Redemption and Peoplehood

Pesach 2009 – Next Year in the Land Of Israel?

Pesach_2008 – Those Who Serve and People of Freedom

Pesach 2007 – From Memory to Action

Pesach_2006 – The Tradition of Questioning and the Questioning of Tradition

Pesach_2005 – Dayenu: Gifts of Gratitude

Pesach_2004 – Anger, Wrath, Love: Our Relationships with Other Nations

High Holidays

Rosh Hashanah 2015 – Where Do We Grow From Here?

Rosh Hashanah 2014 – Touching the Mystery

Rosh_Hashanah_2012 – A Season of Forgiveness: Rebuke and Love

Rosh_Hashanah_2011 – Social Justice: Far Away and Close By

Rosh_Hashanah_2010 – Calling Out for Goodness: Alone & Together

Rosh_Hashanah_2009 – This Too is for the Best?

Rosh_Hashanah_2008 – Self Denial and the Joy of Repairing the World

Rosh_Hashanah_2007 – Shmitah: A Year Without Givers or Receivers

Rosh_Hashanah_2006 – The World was Created for Me

Rosh_Hashanah_2005 – Judgment and Creation

Rosh_Hashanah_2004 – A Time for Listening


Hanukkah 2015 – The Miracle of Empowerment

Hanukkah 2014 – Rekindling the Flame

Hanukkah_2008 – The Tale of the Menorah

Hanukkah_2005 – Becoming a Light

 Tu Bishvat 2015


פסח 2012 – הכניסה אל הארץ: מגבלות והכרת תודה

פסח 2011 מצה: ענווה וחירות

פסח 2010 גלעד שליט: גאולה ועמיות

?פסח 2009 – לשנה הבאה בירושלים

פסח 2008 – עובדים ובני חורין

פסח 2007 מזיכרון למעשה

ימים נוראים

ימים נוראים 2012 – ימים של סליחה: תוכחה ואהבה

ימים נוראים 2011 – צדץ חברתי: לרחוקים ולקרובים

ימים נוראים 2010 – לקרוא לטוב: לבד וביחד

?ימים נוראים 2009 – גם זו לטובה

ימים נוראים 2008 – תענית ותיקון: שליטה עצמית והשמחה שבתיקון עולם

ראש השנה 2007 – שמיטה: שנה בלי נותנים או מקבלים

ראש השנה 2006 – בשבילי נברא העולם