The mission of the Nesiya Institute is to inspire North American and Israeli youth from diverse backgrounds to enrich Jewish life for themselves and others.

Nesiya: Journeys to Enrichment and Leadership

Executive Summary

The future vitality and creativity of Jewish life depends upon young people exploring Judaism and Israel as resources for their personal growth and developing themselves as creative leaders. Bright and questioning young Jews are searching for journeys that provide challenges, choices and tools for making the world a better place. North Americans and Israelis need new ways of learning from and contributing to one another.

Nesiya programs inspire young people to deepen their relationship with Judaism, the Jewish people, and the nation and land of Israel, and to develop their own Jewish journey – as individuals, as part of an international peer group, and as contributing members of the larger Jewish community. Nesiya brings North American and Israeli youth face-to-face with the richness and complexity of Jewish life – and with each other – through a unique model of experiential learning that combines community building, text study, the arts, outdoor adventure, and community service. Every Nesiya program builds relationships and explores differences among diverse Jews in order to develop Jewish leaders and invigorate Jewish life.

Nesiya inspires journeys to giving, cultivating individuals who see themselves contributing to a larger vision of Jewish life. Today Nesiya is a unique model of leadership education and Jewish experiential learning and a growing renaissance community of life-long learners, educational leaders and activists in Jewish life in North America and Israel.