Nesiya…combining different ways of exploring and participating in Jewish life and Israeli culture

Nesiya inspires young people from diverse backgrounds to enrich Jewish life for themselves and others.

“We were looking for a summer program that would give Michael a meaningful experience – a chance for him to truly experience Israel, to meet good kids, and to enjoy himself. Nesiya provided all that and more. The text study, the opportunity to participate in community service projects, the hiking and the arts projects are all things he loves. And it was wonderful to find a program that included all of them.”

Char and Dale Nance
Parents of Michael Nance
Beachwood, OH

Nesiya programs combine different ways of exploring and actively participating in Israeli society, including: outdoor and wilderness adventures, arts and cultural activities, community service projects, creative text study, and building community.

Finding an inspiring path in Jewish life is not always easy. Nesiya encourages young people to explore how Jewish and Israeli culture can be part of their journey toward becoming joyous, creative and caring human beings.

Participants and staff in Nesiya build a Jewish community that values diversity. In a group of young people and staff from a wide range of backgrounds, participants and staff raise questions about and explore different practices and beliefs without feeling pressured to change their own. Participants are encouraged to express themselves as unique individuals and as members of a dynamic group.

The Nesiya Institute has conducted high quality creative leadership programs for high school and college students, lay leaders, and families, in Israel and North America. Nesiya currently conducts The Kehillah Experience: Summer Program for North American and Israeli High School Students.

The Nesiya Institute’s Summer Israel program for North American and Israeli high school students is now being run by Keshet: The Center for Educational Travel in Israel.

  • Find yourself in Israel: surrounded by thousands of years of history
  • Explore the outdoors: hike through the desert and rivers, in 4 different Israeli geographical regions
  • Live with Israeli peers: experience Israeli culture through learning, music, singing songs, and conversation
  • Play some great music, enjoy a live concert, sing some new songs, teach others your favorite songs… all summer long
  • Go on an individual journey through the land of Israel, your Judaism, and discover yourself
  • Build a caring community of friends for life


Rabbi Fivel Yedidya Glasser, MTS


Charles Herman, M. Ed.

Founder and Senior Adviser

Aliza Beilin, MPA.

Assistant Director

Tova Levine, MSW

Communications Associate


Robert Henoch


Jennifer Chestnut

Sid Good

Sara Narva