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Teaching Compassionate Righteousness to the Next Generation

In this week's parsha, we get an interest gift: a window into what Gd values. Last week we met Abraham as Gd called out to him to leave evertything and begin a new path. We don't know much about Abraham, yet are impressed by his willingness and eagerness to fulfill Gd's instructions, even when it [...]

A Timely Invitation for Loving-Kindness!

Shalom Friends, What a week. I think it is safe to say that it has been an emotionally draining year, and the results have caused extreme reactions on all sides. A significant portion of the US are deeply concerned and even frightened at this very moment, while another portion--often less heard, especially in the Jewish [...]

Learning to Walk as a Sign of Greatness!

  There is a long-standing argument in the Jewish Tradition, comparing the hero of this week's parsha (Noah) with the hero of next week's parsha (Abraham). Each has strengths and weaknesses, and it is an interesting debate. One pillar in the argument is in the opening verse to this week's reading (Genesis 6:9) when it [...]