Today we have a special blog post from one of our participants – Abigail Miller from Massachusetts! Thank you, Abigail, for taking the time to share your thoughts on this past week together. We look forward to hearing more! Shabbat Shalom!!

Week one was nothing short of eventful. Initial conversations, unique feelings and unforgettable moments spiraled the week. Beginning at a field school in the small town of Mitzpe Ramon, we began our adventures and discussions. The view of the machtesh was impeccable, and even more beautiful when we experienced it at sunrise on the first morning. We also ventured into the town of Mitzpe to speak to one of the founders of a grocery store co-op, where we discovered what life is like for people living in small towns like Mitzpe. 

Perhaps the most interesting part of our journey so far has been our three unforgettable days in the desert. Camping out, star gazing, and challenging our selves to difficult hikes has strengthened us and brought the group together very nicely. We began with a rather easy hike to get to our first camp site, then the next day was harder and longer, as we hiked into the machtesh and then a bit around it. We spent seven hours sitting in a small cave and enjoying each other’s presence. Some napped,
while others talked. The last day was short but intense. Lots of steep heights and challenges to face. Overall, the desert was an experience to remember, and we are all excited to see what next week brings.