This week, our group is spending their final shabbat together at Ein Gedi, after spending the week deepening their conversations and creating art projects based on personal reflections. We have below a recap from Matthew Samilow, from Florida. Thank you, Matthew!

Our fifth and final week in Israel began Sunday with another batch of political speakers. We heard from Yishai Fleischer, a right-wing Hebron activist, and Yair Agron, a filmmaker, among others.

The following day we concluded our visit to Jerusalem by touring Mount Herzl, Israel’s national cemetery, and meeting with Jewish and Palestinian youth at Kids4Peace, an interfaith organization promoting dialogue between young people from different sides of the Israeli-Palestianian Conflict.

Our group soon departed for the Judean Desert, spending the night in a Bedouin tent and hiking Masada in the early morning.

After arriving at our final “base” we began our personal/final projects. Each of us was tasked with creating a project, in a medium of our choice, that would be personally related to our experience on Nesiya.

After a day of presentations, in which each person explained the significance of his piece and the process behind it, we are excited to welcome Shabbat and enjoy our final days together!