Nesiya Alumnus Ariel Burger (Nesiya 1992) wrote a meaningful piece in the Forward this week reflecting on his last couple of interactions with Elie Weisel.

He starts off:

“I just heard the news that my teacher Elie Wiesel has left the world. For several years, I have said Havdalah at the close of the Sabbath and immediately checked the news, wondering if I would learn that this has happened. This has become a ritual of anxious anticipation, and then – every week before this one – of relief.

Three weeks ago, I traveled to New York in the hope of seeing him. (He’d become so frail, a visit was never guaranteed.) We sat, he in his wheelchair, in the lobby of his home, and spoke for almost an hour. He made me laugh out loud; that hadn’t changed. At times I was able to make him smile.

We talked about so many things…”

You can read the rest of the article here: My Last Meeting With Elie Weisel