What a week! After exploring urban Tel Aviv, our 2016 group moved over to Jerusalem, where we studied the history and current political and religious context in Israel today. We spent erev Shabbat together with Nesiya alumni at a reunion picnic in Jerusalem, and are looking forward to Shabbat here visiting different communities and continuing to learn from and share with each other.

This week we have a reflection from Laura Glesby, from NYC. Thank you, Laura!

This past week in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem has been intense and exciting. Throughout the week, we’ve learned from a diverse array of perspectives about the culture, religious life, and politics connected to each city. In Tel Aviv, we met with City Tree, an urban commune dedicated to living sustainably, as well as BINA, a secular yeshiva. We also learned about and visited the neighborhoods of Florentin and South Tel Aviv, and spent a relaxing hour at the beach. We began our time in Jerusalem learning about the old city. We went to the Kotel and explored underground water tunnels from the ancient city of David. Later on, we delved into the Israel-Palestine conflict, learning from various activists and visiting sites of historic battles. We additionally visit a Belz (Chasidic) synagogue and spoke with a member there about life in his community. We look forward to spending a fun and meaningful shabbat in Jerusalem

We look forward to staying in touch!

Shabbat Shalom!