This week, after a meaningful start with a deeper look at community service and minority communities in Israel, was spent up in the Golan Heights – hiking, journaling, and learning from artists. On Tuesday we went up to Peki’in (פקיעין), a Druze town where we met with a local leader – Salach – who spoke to us about Druze society and the history of the Druze  in Israel. In Peki’in we also saw Rashbi’s Cave. We ended the day with some hiking and journaling, then after dinner did a workshop on the play Leil Ha’Esrim (ליל העשרים). Wednesday morning we hiked Gamla (גמלא) and visited Mt. Bental (הר בנתל) where we overlooked the Golan and discussed the military and historical importance of the Golan Heights in Jewish history. Last night we began our second round of arts workshops – music with Josh Lauffer and visual arts with David Isaacs. Today (Thursday), was spent in these arts workshops; at the end of the day we hope to present new projects to each other and reconnect with a group meeting.

We are looking forward to our home hospitality weekend and spending Shabbat with family and (new and old) friends!