Today we would like to share a review of Shabbat in Tsfat written by Nesiya 2016 participant Netta Remedi-Brown from Massachusetts:

We spent this past weekend in Tzfat. After driving up the cobblestone road leading to the spiritual city, we settled in a quirky hotel where we would be spending Shabbat. We arrived on Friday in the middle of the day, exhausted and sweat-ridden following our hike in the Galil. The group split up to plan different aspects of shabbos, and then trekked upstairs to begin a well-deserved evening of rest.

Later that night, we convened in the lobby, dressed in our finest, ready for Shabbat services. Some of us attended traditional orthodox services, others went to a spiritual service filled with song, and others ventured around Tzfat, getting a taste of the various types of temples that the city had to offer. Following services, the group was led by Bluth to a family friend’s house and hosted for a heavenly meal. As the clock struck midnight, we trudged back to the hotel, exhausted after a night of adventure.

The following morning, a few attended morning services, but the rest journeyed to a public park to pray or spend the morning in any way that felt special to them personally. The next event of the day was Kiddush and a study of the weekly parsha, where groups discussed the meaning of a text, and then traveled outside for a debate led by Fivel. Our day of rest was fulfilled when we were given many hours of free time, which many used to sleep.

The group was next honored by Keshet’s director, where we introduced ourselves, and he gave us an insight into history. A member of each small group then told their life story, and we headed to dinner, heard Bluth’s life story, and then held a beautiful Havdalah filled with song.

Nesiya had a meaningful Shabbat in the mystical city of Tzfat. For many, it was a time to relax from the usual bustle of daily life, reflect on the past week, and an opportunity to learn new things about ourselves.