Our third member of the Summer Staff for Nesiya 2016 and newest member to the Nesiya family is Rachel “Bluth” Rosenbluth!

Rachel “Bluth” Rosenbluth is a Jewish experiential educator and talmida (student) of Torah, dedicated to building meaningful, spiritual and sustainable Jewish communities. Bluth lives in Israel, devoting her time to learning Torah in the Beit Midrash Har El Smicha program, a Co-ed Modern Orthodox Rabbinical Fellowship. She also learns gemara and chassidut at Yakar and Simchat Shlomo. Bluth leads Kabbalat Shabbat on the beach in Tel Aviv, and brings people together for spirited Jewish gatherings around the globe. She is the program director for Achat Amim Ruchani, a half year program in Jerusalem dedicated to grassroots peace-building and Torah learning.

Graduating from McGill University with a double major in Environment and Development as well as Buddhist studies, Rachel worked as the Director of Education for Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs in Toronto. She has studied at Pardes, Mechon Hadar and Matan Women’s Institute for Torah Studies.  She has had valuable experiences doing environmental field research in East Africa, and volunteering on sustainable farms in Israel and in Kenya, where she bolstered an interest in spiritual, personal and community development. Rachel hopes to learn deep Torah, explore the world, and share Judaism as a spiritual path of mindful and joyous Avodah.  L’chaim!