Our second introduction is to our returning Alumnus – Gal Asaf (Nesiya 2007)!

Born in small town in the Negev, Gal is an alumnus of Nesiya from Summer 2007 and The Bronfman Youth Fellowships program Summer 2008. Gal also participated in the Nesiya year-round Israeli program. He spent most of his high school years hiking in the Negev, working with kids, and doing different types of formal and informal learning. Before his army service, Gal attended the mechina (pre-army program) at the Secular Yeshiva of BINA: Center for Jewish Identity & Hebrew Culture. Gal served as an officer and Platoon commander in the Intelligence Corps for 5 years. After finishing his army service, Gal worked as a madrich (counselor-educator) for the Jewish Agency gap year program “Kol Ami” and then traveled and backpacked through East Asia.  Gal is looking forward to returning to Nesiya as a staff member this summer for Nesiya 2016!