It’s time to meet the wonderful Nesiya Staff who will be leading the group this summer on Nesiya 2016!

Over the next couple of days, we will be posting about our talented staff members that are working hard at the Nesiya office – they are programming, training, and learning about the participants in order to prepare for what we know will be an unforgettable Nesiya 2016 experience.

Our first introduction is to the Rosh Kvutzah (Head Counselor) – Dina Malinovitch!

Dina is returning to Nesiya as a second year staff member and Rosh Kvutzah (Head Counselor). Dina is an Israeli who was born in Singapore, while her parents were located there for work. She came back to Israel at the age of 7 to live in Pardes Chana, a small town between Chaifa and Netanya. From 2nd grade until 12th grade she studied at The Democratic School in Chadera. Through the years, she’s spent time riding horses professionally and also teaching kids how to ride. After graduating high school, Dina started studying in Mechinat “Beit-Israel” – a center focused on the study of Torah and Israeli Culture for Secular and Orthodox students. The mechina combines community service and studies in different subjects such as philosophy, history, and literature. After the mechina, Dina joined the army and served in different educational positions in the IDF, one of them included serving as an Officer teaching new immigrants how to speak, read, and write in Hebrew. After 3 years of service, Dina traveled to East Africa and also hiked the Israel National Trail and now is ready for the next adventure – Nesiya!