While the group continues their adventures in the desert, it is time for another update from the office. Wednesday morning we “slept in” and woke up at 7 AM. After breakfast and some icebreaker / deep thought activities we ate lunch and packed up – for our “נודד” (“wandering”) in the desert. They left base after resting and games, preparing to sleep out under the night sky. Thursday was another early wake up, and we discussed the concept of התבודדות (seclusion) and the sense of freedom and isolation one can feel in the desert; the rest of the day  will be full of learning from each other, discussing core Jewish concepts, and hiking while getting to know the land of Israel. Tonight will end with  a kumzitz – singing and sharing stories – around the campfire.

As a reminder, our group is appreciating our time together “off-road” and having these few days to disconnect, so we will be out of contact. If parents need to get in touch with the group for any reason, you can contact the office and we will help you.