Our first full day on Nesiya – what a ride! We woke up early this morning and hiked הר גמל (Har Gamal) to a great overlook into מכתש רמון (the Ramon Crater).  There, we discussed the landscape and did our daily Shaar activity – where we spend some morning time meditating on the day ahead of us and sharing with the group. Upon returning to our base we ate breakfast and did an arts/text workshop focused on Lech Lecha – Avraham’s journey to the Negev. After resting and regrouping, we visited the Visitors Center in מצפה רמון (Mitzpe Ramon) and learned more about development towns in Israel, like Mitzpe. We explored Mitzpe together and discussed the role of its immigrant communities in the history and current fabric of Israeli society. Then we relaxed with some dinner at Mitzpe, and improv games back at the base. Time for an early night, because we have an early morning tomorrow! Layla tov!


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