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Days 3-5: Wilderness

While the group continues their adventures in the desert, it is time for another update from the office. Wednesday morning we "slept in" and woke up at 7 AM. After breakfast and some icebreaker / deep thought activities we ate lunch and packed up - for our "נודד" ("wandering") in the desert. They left base after [...]

Day 2: In the Desert

Our first full day on Nesiya - what a ride! We woke up early this morning and hiked הר גמל (Har Gamal) to a great overlook into מכתש רמון (the Ramon Crater).  There, we discussed the landscape and did our daily Shaar activity - where we spend some morning time meditating on the day ahead [...]

Welcome to Israel!

Shalom, Nesiya 2016! Our North American chanichim have arrived, and we in Israel were so excited to meet them! After a brief greeting and check-in at the airport, the group is now beginning their activities and heading down to the Negev. Stay tuned for more updates!    

On Our Way!

We are on our way! Our North American participants have successfully arrived and met at JFK Airport, and are about to head through security. The Israeli participants and staff are eagerly awaiting tomorrow, when we get to greet everyone at the airport and begin our excellent summer of programming. Stay tuned for more updates~ לילה טוב [...]

Save the Date! Nesiya Alumni Picnic on July 22nd שמרו את התאריך לפיקניק בוגרים 2016!

Hey Nesiya Alumni and Friends! שלום חברי נסיעה! It's that time of year again! הגיע הזמן למפגש בוגרים! We would love to see everyone for the Nesiya 2nd Annual Alumni Picnic, this year taking place in Jerusalem at Gan HaVradim (The Wohl Rose Park).  נשמח לראות בוגרי תכנית נסיעה לפיקניק שנתי השני בירושלים בגן הורדים. [...]

Mifgash Yisraelim – Meeting the Israeli Participants 2016

Yesterday, on Monday evening, the Israeli participants came to the Nesiya office in Jerusalem to participate in a preparatory meeting before meeting and embarking on the trip next week with the American participants. They started with eating some pizza and doing a short text study on Martin Buber about the meaning of speaking to one [...]

Getting Ready for the Summer in the Nesiya Office!

We're getting ready for Nesiya Summer 2016 at the Nesiya office in Jerusalem! The Madrichim (counselors), Fivel, and the rest of the staff is busy in Jerusalem planning the summer. We're working on programming, getting together binders with details about flights, medical information, a conference call with the American families today, etc. as well as [...]

Meet the Summer Staff (continued) – Rachel “Bluth” Rosenbluth

Our third member of the Summer Staff for Nesiya 2016 and newest member to the Nesiya family is Rachel "Bluth" Rosenbluth! Rachel “Bluth” Rosenbluth is a Jewish experiential educator and talmida (student) of Torah, dedicated to building meaningful, spiritual and sustainable Jewish communities. Bluth lives in Israel, devoting her time to learning Torah in the [...]

Meet the Summer Staff (continued) – Gal Asaf!

Our second introduction is to our returning Alumnus - Gal Asaf (Nesiya 2007)! Born in small town in the Negev, Gal is an alumnus of Nesiya from Summer 2007 and The Bronfman Youth Fellowships program Summer 2008. Gal also participated in the Nesiya year-round Israeli program. He spent most of his high school years hiking [...]

Meet the Summer Staff – Dina Malinovitch

It's time to meet the wonderful Nesiya Staff who will be leading the group this summer on Nesiya 2016! Over the next couple of days, we will be posting about our talented staff members that are working hard at the Nesiya office - they are programming, training, and learning about the participants in order to [...]